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Investing in Florida's Health Care Providers

Healthcare Professionals Dedicated to Improving

the In-Home Healthcare Experience

We identify exceptional Clinical and Administrative talent and provide them the capital and industry best-practices required to deliver top-quality care in the Sunshine State.


Portfolio Companies

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Entrepreneurial Principal backed by Industry Leaders

Morgan McCauley, Founder, Principal, & Growth Operator

I love working with smart people on tangible problems, and that's what we're doing at Helios Growth.   The Home Health market in Florida is fragmented, growing and wanting for trustworthy operators delivering quality care.  Prior to Helios Growth, I spent time at:

  • Harbourton Enterprises, the single family office of a highly successful Hedge-Fund founder, seeding, incubating and investing across Hedge-Fund, Venture and Private Equity verticals (Silicon Valley)

  • Haidar Capital, a $1BLN global macro fund, developing and managing trading strategies in rates and credit (New York City)

I have a BA from Johns Hopkins University, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, and a private pilots license. In my spare time, I enjoy water sports, reading, podcasts and networking with business owners in my home community of Ocean Ridge, Florida.

Our committed capital comes from retired industry leaders who now help entrepreneurs acquire and grow small businesses.

Reach out for more details about our equity base.


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15 Ridge Blvd, Ocean Ridge FL 33435  |  Tel: 561-573-2641   

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