Investing in Florida's "Small" Businesses

Helios Growth is searching for exceptional "small" businesses in the Sunshine State to own and operate for the long term.

Ocean Water


A fair price for your business, and a new partner-operator

Our process is driven by your personal and professional goals, not the other way around.



Continued operations for the long-term

We are not a Private- Equity fund, we are a small entreprenurial team, using our own capital, building something to last.



Founded to roll-up the sleeves and

work hard

For us, the hand-off is just the beginning.  A long-term growth focus benefits existing employees and legacy ownership. 



Selling your business can be overwhelming or even intimidating. If we're compatible, it won't be. Our process puts the relationship first, and strives to be transparent, flexible, fair and timely.

Relationship first

Let's get to know one another. From the first conversation, we want to learn more about you, your goals, and your vision for the future. Our goal is to build a foundation of trust and respect.


Let's make a plan. During exploration, we need to come to know your business in order to plan for the future. What kind of products and services do you produce? Why do your customers choose you? If we understand eachother well enough to outline a mutually agreeable Succession Plan, we will submit to you a Letter of Intent (LOI).



Let's verify, discreetly. We understand that selling a business can be sensitive. During due-diligence, we operate with the utmost discretion and in tandem with the seller.


As the close approaches, we will draft and execute legal documentation, transfer funds, and initiate the Succession Plan.


As the new, permanent owner, we roll up our sleeves and get to work. We invest our human and financial capital to pursue growth and ensure an enduring legacy.


Why Helios


Intellectual Property First. They want to integrate your IP to grow their Legacy.

Integration. They request that you integrate the best of your business so the rest is no longer needed.

Corporations. Their capital is a CapEx evaluation

One of Many. Limited time and attention

Opaque. Without a transaction, proprietary information becomes guarded.

Until integration is complete

Up to them







Your Involvement

Helios Growth

Relationship First. We want to partner with you, your employees, suppliers and customers for long term growth.

Collaborative. We collaborate with you and your employees to assure continuity and focus on growth.

Independent Investors. Our investors want to help

Just You. We focus 100% of our time and energy on your business

Local. Whether we transact or not, let's keep in touch!

In it for the long-haul

Up to You!

Private Equity

Numbers First. They want to cut expenses and financially engineer an attractive exit.

Activist. They hire external management to maximize the bottom-line.

Institutions. Their capital is annonymous

One of Many. Limited time and attention

National. Without a transaction, further relations are restricted to the "watchlist".

Exit dictated by fund terms

Up to Them




Business Fundamentals

More Fundamentals

Business Specifics


We founded Helios Growth to capitalize on demo-geographic trends in Florida. While sales can be national, HQ should be local.

A large, growing and fragmented market provides opportunities for growth

5+ year track record of profits between $500,000 to $3,000,000 ensures a platform for growth

15% + profit margins demonstrates sustainable value-add

Customer loyalty and recurring revenue proves a culture of excellence

We can invest up to $3,000,000 without needing to raise additional equity capital

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Entrepreneurial Principal backed by Industry Leaders

Morgan McCauley, Founder, Principal, & Growth Operator

As a Florida Native, I founded Helios Growth to return to my home-state and embed myself in the local economy. I believe talent and capital will continue to migrate to the Sunshine State, and I've positioned myself to participate in those demo-geographic tailwinds. Prior to Helios Growth, I spent time at:

  • Harbourton Enterprises, the single family office of a highly successful Hedge-Fund founder, seeding, incubating and investing across Hedge-Fund, Venture and Private Equity verticals (Silicon Valley)

  • Haidar Capital, a $1BLN global macro fund, developing and managing trading strategies in rates and credit (New York City)

I have a BA from Johns Hopkins University, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, and a private pilots license. In my spare time, I enjoy water sports, reading, podcasts and networking with business owners in my home community of Ocean Ridge, Florida.

Our committed capital comes from retired industry leaders who now help entrepreneurs acquire and grow small businesses.

Reach out for more details about our equity base.


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